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A pale creamy white and never too yellow. We adore our Ivory covers for a classic wedding guest book.


Our Almond cover color is one of our top three most popular choices! A paired back and timeless neutral with warm undertones.


Just right for a minimal modern wedding, our Taupe cover is a rich neutral shade that falls somewhere between brown and gray.


Our Wool color is a comforting shade of warm grey. Brownish-grey, greyish-brown, either way we love it with our luxe gold foil.


One of our unsung heroes! Walnut, a dark grey brown lends itself to cool city weddings and boho desert affairs alike.


Dawn, a modern cream with a hint of yellow named after the fresh morning sunlight.


We would say our Desert cover is more apricot than peach.This one reminds us of a traditional Santa Fe adobe house.


This one is bang on trend, we would describe our Rust guest book cover as a warm, earthy dark orange.


One of our most asked for colors, Terra is a rich, reddish-brown tone that would fit a boho color palette.


Our Saddle color was named after a rich shade of leather. It is a dark, warm brown hue that exudes a sense of depth and sophistication.


Veil is a delicate, ethereal shade reminiscent of the flowing fabric of a bride's veil. We consider this a soft neutral with a gentle pink undertone.


A gentle, earthy pink with warm undertones, Clay is often a hard one to describe. This one lends itself well to rustic wildflower filled weddings.


Scarlet is our reddist red. It is a vibrant and intense shade that exudes passion, energy, and romance.


Our Garnet cover is perfect when Scarlet is a little too intense. It is the darker more mature big sister.


Claret is a rich and luxurious color that blends the intensity of red and the depth of purple.


Whip is a light and airy shade, reminiscent of a soft pastel pink. This color carries a sense of elegance and grace.


A gentle light pink with a hint of peach undertone our Blush guest books are dreamy, understated and fresh.


Wildly romantic, Rose is sophisticated and pretty. It is a slightly muted pink that doesn't feel too sugary sweet.


Our Punch color doesn't get chosen too often but when it does it brings us so much joy. It is a vibrant, tropical, 'punchy' color and we love it!


Berry, a color that embodies the vibrancy of freshly picked raspberries. It's a juicy red with a hint of pink.


We would describe our Lilac guest book as a pastel purple with undertones of pale lavender and muted gray. Subtle and sophisticated.


Mauve is perfect for a romantic wedding. It has a warm undertone which livens up the muted pastel purple perfectly.


For a wedding that exudes grandeur and opulence, Violet is the winner. It is a deep luxurious royal purple.


Magical Fig. It's elegant, it's opulent, it's enchanting. We see our Fig guest book at a bohemian garden reception.


Merlot is a deep, velvety red with a hint of purple undertones. It has the richness and depth of a well-aged wine.


A name inspired by freshly fallen Snow, this is our whitest white. It can be called clean, modern and minimal as well as classic and traditional.


Fog is a light and serene shade of gray with subtle cool undertones. A soft, misty hue that looks incredible with gold foil.


Our Smoke cover is the epitome of modern minimalism. It's clean and understated aesthetic is the perfect backdrop our luxe gold foil.


Neither too light nor too dark, Char strikes the perfect balance between subtlety and sophistication.


Coal adds a sense of drama to your wedding guest book. This is our black option and it is the perfect matte canvas for our luxury raised foils.


Lichen is a gentle, green with warm yellow undertones. It looks fantastic with gold foil and it a great choice for a spring wedding.


Our Olive is a warm earthy green with plenty of richness and depth. A blend of green and brown, a natural vibrant color.


This is one of our surprise favorites. A dark olive green, Caper goes with neutral modern wedding as well as schemes with pops of bright colors.


Emerald, a luxurious jewel-like shade of green. It is vibrant and intense and creates a bold statement paired with our luxury foils.


Our darkest green, Hunter is a deep dark almost black shade. It is a striking, classic shade that will add drama to your wedding welcome table.


Calm, fresh, natural can all be used to describe lovely Willow. It is a gentle and pale shade of green with subtle hints of gray.


Aloe is a light grey green with cool minty undertones. Pair it with neutral tones of white and beige and plenty of greenery.


Always amongst the top three choices, Sage is a vibrant shade of green with warm undertones. The perfect piece for your Spring or Summer wedding.


Moss, consistently popular since first released. It is a subtle hue of green with gray undertones...we count this green as a neutral.


Pine, a classic dark forest green with hints of charcoal. This color looks great at a classic traditional wedding setting.


Our Sea Salt, a soft and ethereal shade with a gentle mix of blue and green undertones. This one was made for a serene coastal wedding.


Foam strikes the perfect balance between blue and green gray. It will transport you to coastal landscapes and serene beachfront vistas.


A notch darker from Foam, Tide brings with it stormy gray undertones and looks spectacular with our luxe foils in Gold or Silver.


Mineral - understated luxury. It effortlessly combines the timeless elegance of blue with the subtle allure of gray.


We describe our Harbour color as a dark teal green. It combines the richness of dark green with a touch of teal.


Our dreamy and delicate China blue. Hints of grey and definitely more subtle than Dusty we adore this with either Gold or Silver accents.


Dusty, like a clear blue sky on a perfect summer day. We love to see this paired with Ivory and Blush vow books for a garden wedding.


Our Marine covers are vibrant and charming. They look just as good at a modern loft wedding as they do at a tropical beach.


Classic, timeless Old Navy. A hue that harkens back to a sense of tradition and nostalgia.


Our Dock guest books are a dark navy grey. It is subtle and sophisticated and pairs with modern elegant wedding themes.